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Meet the "True You"

"Unearth your authentic self by peeling away layers of societal programming, managing personal energy, and harnessing research-backed techniques to live unapologetically true to your essence."

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Presented by
Risha GodstyleBilal,
Life Coach, Author, Advocate

In our current era, embracing healing has become paramount for a prosperous and fulfilling life. As a part of this transformative journey towards self-realization, the "Meet the True You" course offers a comprehensive method to cleanse and release negative energies, restoring you to who you were meant to be. 

This negative energy can be in the form of negative thoughts about self, speaking words that are detrimental to your well-being, being around people and/o environments that destroy our sense of self, or taking actions that are not in alignment with what we truly want and desire. The activities, skills, and techniques taught in this course were crafted through personal experience, research, and regular application. These tools are meant to purge the negative energies that lead to physical discomfort, early aging, emotional instability, and hindrances in achieving your aspirations and desires. If you're poised to discover your authentic self and elevate your life, join us by securing your place in the course.

In this course we will cover...

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