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Energy Transmutation

A Training on How to Transmute Negative Energy sent to you as well as unblock and transmute negative energy already stored in the body, using the natural body and water.

Presented by
Risha GodstyleBilal,
Author, Advocate, & Healer

We have reached a time in space where healing is the only way to ensure an abundant and enjoyable life. As a part of this Collective Evolutionary Consurgence, this highly effective process of transmuting and eliminating negative energy from the body has been laid out for you in a step-by-step format, in order to walk you into your healing. This process, that I personally developed and use regularly, eliminates the negative energy from the body that causes bodily discomforts, premature aging, emotional irregularity, and the constant impedance with moving forward on your goals and manifestations. So, if you're ready to break free, click the button below to save your spot.

In this webinar we will cover

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